Unconditional Guarantee

unconditional guarantee

Submit Return Online (Must have Receipt with Order Number to use this)

Please use the Returns Exchange form or fill in the PDF form to complete your warranty exchange.
NOTE: Remember to print and send in the PDF form should you choose to use it.
*All exchanges or replacements accompanied by the original order form dated within 120 days of purchase will be handled free of charge. Otherwise, a small handling fee of $7.00 per jewelry item and/or $12.00 per watch (after 30 days) must be enclosed with this form for each item requiring adjustments. No C.O.D.'s permitted. The replacement item is guaranteed for a period of 120 days and is subject to replacement of the same item only, and may not be exchanged for a different item

How to prepare jewelry for shipment
Wrap each item individually in tissue paper for mailing protection. The jewelry items must be boxed or in a padded envelope.
Any excess room in the box must be filled in with tissue, paper towels, or crumpled newspaper so that the jewelry will not rattle when the box is shaken. Your local post office will inform you of the exact postage necessary when you go to mail your tightly sealed package.

Before you seal the package
Put the correct return address on the outside of the package as well as on the reverse side of the form. Fill out the form completing the details entirely. Attach the original customer or hostess order form. Be sure jewelry is prepared according to the instructions on reverse side of form Package securely.
Mail your package directly to:
Park Lane, Inc.
100 East Commerce Drive
Schaumburg, IL.60173

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